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Tongat Ali For Male Sexual Enhancement

Tongat Ali is an herbal supplement that is used as a sexual stimulant. Never heard of it? Don't feel bad you are in good company; it is still not widely known about.

Tongat Ali, like yohimbine is a plant based sexual stimulant and like the Yohimbe plant the Tongat Ali is becoming hard to find especially since it is now protected from harvest by law in Malaysia which is the original source of the Tongat Ali extract. The extract when taken in an optimum dosage greatly increases levels of free testosterone and enhances libido and sexual function far better than the aforementioned yohimbine.

Even though the Tongat Ali plant is protected in Malaysia herbal suppliers there have been aggressively marketing the product in the United States using scientific studies that boast of the testosterone enhancing properties of the product. Due to the increased demand and decreasing availability of the plant prices have skyrocketed and counterfeits have begun to appear and like yohimbe most of the Tongat Ali found on the market now are basically worthless with nowhere near the amount of active ingredient needed to be effective therefore if you want to be sure you are indeed getting a pure source have it shipped directly to you from Indonesia.

Customarily, Tongkat Ali has been a botanical found throughout Southeast Asia where In Vietnam it is regarded a cure for everything. In the sex-crazy country of Thailand, it has been used by men as a virility tonic for centuries. And in Malaysia, it has been harvested heavily primarily to be sold in the United States (apart from being used at home).

But Tongkat Ali, just like Yohimbe is a slow-growing shrub, and besides that, the active ingredient is found for the most part in the root. The root, which grows deep into poor hard soil, is very difficult to extract. Large holes must be dug to extract them and therefore in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, they have now started using the stems and branches of the shrub, instead of relying on the root. Just as there is nearly no yohimbine in the barks of pausinystalia species other than pausinystalia yohimbe, there are almost no active ingredients in tongkat ali stem and branches (the active ingredients are part of the root).

Fact is that almost all the Tongkat Ali that is brought into the U.S. is under dosed at a factor of up to 1000. For example, capsules may contain 50 milligram of root powder, when the therapeutic dosage would be the extract of 50 gram (50,000 milligram).

But on the northern tip of Sumatra (Aceh province of Indonesia) where the Tsunami occurred there still exist forests with a large areas of Tongkat Ali coverage. Tongkat ali from the Indonesia Aceh province can be purchased in wholesale and retail quantities from Sumatra Pasak Bumi.


How Using Natural Remedies Can Give You Better Sexual Health

As everyone knows diet and nutrition are important to health. What you may not realize however is that it is important to a woman's sexual health as well. As a woman ages her hormone levels decrease. Her libido plummets into nothingness. One option available to treat this is hormone replacement therapy but this is not the only option available. If a woman chooses not to use hormone replacement therapy they can often help themselves by paying very close attention to their diet.

Diets that are high in fat in addition to being bad for your heart are also bad for your sexual well-being. When your arteries are clogged it restricts your blood flow, which restricts it everywhere, including to the sexual organs. Therefore, sexual performance will not be at its peak. The foods that you want in your diet are those that are high in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin E, zinc, niacin, and amino acids.

Fruits and vegetables are not only good for you but they lower cholesterol, and stimulate the blood flow to your body's organs. Fiber and healthy starches keep your heart healthy and pumping strong. When the heart is healthy and pumping strong it only makes sense that the sexual stamina will be increased. Whatever you may be missing can be supplemented by taking vitamins which can increase sexuality by increasing your energy levels, boost your circulation, and give you an overall sense of well being.

When you are stressed and exhausted the first thing on your mind is not sex, in fact, it is likely the last thing on your mind. So it is important to get adequate sleep and to decrease your stress level. One way to reduce your stress level is to take a nice hot bath, meditate, by doing yoga, or even by reading a good book. The use of scents and message oils and other lubricants can also help in creating a nice relaxing message but also a much more pleasurable experience all around. When a woman has an orgasm she is concentrating on everything that she is feeling, everywhere so it is important that she be feeling good all over.

Of course, eating right and exercising is not just for the woman but can add to a man's sexual health as well. Men can also experience changes in their sexual health as well. Their changes are experienced due to illness, fatigue, medications, and/or diseases. A diet that is high in fat for a man can also lead to cardiac complications as it can with a woman and with the same results. Actually, the results can possibly be even more devastating because the man may not be able to experience an erection due to lack of blood flow. By adding fish and foods high in protein and low in fat to the man's diet is an excellent way to get a man's sexual health back on track.

The prostrate depends highly on zinc for good health. Zinc comes from fish and shellfish like oysters and clams. Vitamin E is known as the sex vitamin because it helps promote longer harder erections.

The reason the exercise is good for sexual health is because of the blood flow and the fact that it keeps you healthy. It makes you ready for a good, healthy sexual experience. Working out reduces your stress level. An orgasm reduces your stress level. So both your physical and sexual exercise are benefiting your healthy lifestyle.

Niacin constructs the sex and adrenal hormones. If you take it as a vitamin supplement it will mimic the natural flush that you get from sexual excitement. It will release the same hormone that is released when we are sexually aroused. It dilates the blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow which in turn allows for more sexual pleasure.


Erectile Dysfunction And Impotence Is Not Just A Problem For The Man, Here Are Some Tips To Help

Men are concerned about impotence (erectile dysfunction) and the affect it will have on their sex lives, but so are women. Loss of sex drive and impotence are very common in men as they age, and encouraging a conversation with a doctor can alleviate fears, as there are many treatment options for physical conditions, and many ways to address mental issues. Stress is a key factor in a man's sexual health. The simple act of fearing that he may not be able to get an erection can in itself cause erectile dysfunction. When sexual partners are not on the same level as far as sexual desire goes, it is important to find ways to pleasure each other (manually or orally) when intercourse is not possible.

A majority of men tend to experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at least once in their lives. For many men, after they reach the age of 65, impotence becomes an even more common and frequesnt occurence. Men experience changes in the ability to get and keep and erection as they experience changes in the rest of their bodies, which is all just part of growing older. To them, orgasms may not seem as strong as they once were and getting another erection afterwards may take a while, if it is possible at all. There are several specific symptoms of erectile dysfunction: the inability to achieve a full erection, to maintain an erection during intercourse, or to even have an erection at all.

There are two major issues that affect the ability to maintain an erection, one is mental, and one is physical. The physical part deals with the actual physiology of the penis, which has two cylindrical structures that are made of a sponge like material and run the entire length of the penis. These structures are also found (in much smaller proportion) in the woman's clitoris. This erectile tissue fills with blood when the male is aroused, and like a wet sponge, this tissue expands up to seven times its normal size, forming an erection. The clitoris can experience some of the same behaviors. After ejaculation, the penis returns to its normal size.

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by the mental aspect, and this is where the woman can easily contribute a helping hand. The level of arousal the man experiences often determines the quality of an erection. It is the mental portion of the equation that moves the nervous system to stimulate blood flow to the penis which gives the erection. When this delicate balance between the physical and mental facets of the erection process is disrupted, erectile dysfunction occurs. Providing a variety of arousing sensations for your man can be an integral part of solving the problem of ED.


The Impact of Obesity on Sexuality

Obesity, and especially morbid obesity, has a huge range of physical effects. Those that suffer from obesity have an increased chance of developing other serious diseases, have less energy, and suffer from depression and low self esteem. They also tend to have problems in the bedroom.

When a person is obese, their sex life suffers. A report presented at a meeting of The North American Association for the Study of Obesity by Martin Binks, PhD, from Duke University Medical Center, shows that morbidly obese Americans are 25 times more likely than those of normal weight to report problems with their sex lives. It's a dramatic difference.

Why does this problem so widely affect the obese? There are a variety of reasons, both physical and emotional. The larger a person gets, the more problems he or she will report in the bedroom-- the desire for sex, sexual performance, and even sexual enjoyment fall dramatically. The physical restrictions placed on the obese by excess weight often make sexual activity too difficult or strenuous. In addition, a constant lack of energy and feeling of lethargy will tend to reduce the desire for sex.

Another impact obesity has on sexuality is a psychological one. Obesity brings along with it lowered self-esteem and often feelings of shame. These feelings lead to an unwillingness to display the body or make oneself vulnerable to their partner. The physical effects of obesity can also lead to performance anxiety, making partners unwilling to attempt to perform sexually. In a study of 928 obese men and women, of those seeking treatment for their obesity 50% had a decreased sex drive and trouble wanting sex, 42% felt they had problems performing sexually, and 41% said they avoided sex altogether.

Obesity also affects sexuality through its impact on marriages and relationships in and of themselves. Shame is a common consequence of obesity, and it often tends to cause an emotional imbalance within relationship. This happens where one partner feels "more worthless" than the other partner. Also, the partners of overweight persons can, at times, have problems finding their partner sexually attractive. This is especially common when the bulk of the weight gain occurred during the course of the relationship. When this happens in a relationship, it is hurtful and difficult to face for both partners, and communication about these issues is usually avoided. But in the end, avoidance of this topic only creates further problems in a relationship, as it cuts off lines of communication.

A large number of factors play into the sexual problems experienced by obese individuals. When physical problems are as severely compounded by psychological issues, as occurs with obesity, sexual dysfunction can seem an insurmountable obstacle. It's important, though, to seek help if you're experiencing problems with sexual performance or sex drive due to obesity.

Simply taking the first steps to seek obesity treatment has a positive emotional impact, allowing obese persons to feel some level of control over their situation. Sexual satisfaction is a basic human need, and it's just one more key reason to care for your health and try to find healthful solutions to the problem of obesity.


How Your Sex Life Changes As You Age And What You Can Do About It

A strong sex life with another person can be very fulfilling, which can leave very positive effects on many areas of your life. It may be true that as you get older, sex may not be the same as it was earlier in life, but many things change along with age. Aging is one of many natural changes, which can affect intimacy, as well as the psychological changes, which accompany it.

Regardless of whether or not you are older or younger, everyone needs intimacy. That fact does not change simply because your age does. Older men, for example, enjoy life including the part of his life, which contains intimate relationships, even if it is not experienced in the same way that it was years ago.

As men get older, they have a harder time achieving an erection. Often when they do get one it is not as hard as preferred, nor will it last as long as preferred. To overcome this, you can try different sexual positions during intercourse positions which feel better to you,, hence helping to overcome the hardships. If it is difficult to maintain an erection and/or difficult to reach an orgasm, you can talk to your doctor, who will help advise you. There are many medications that can help assist you, and your doctor will be able to help decide which is best for you, or help recommend other options for you.

As women get older, most changing takes place during menopause. This is when the production of testosterone and estrogen decrease. At this point, it takes longer for the vagina to swell, and it takes longer and harder to become lubricated. Along with this, the vagina is not as elastic as it once was. An effect like this can be painful when experienced during intercourse. This is especially true when you experience more than one of these effects.

To help accommodate these effects, increase the length of foreplay. This can help encourage natural lubrication, which will make intercourse less painful. If natural lubrication is difficult to achieve, try purchasing a lubricant (but remember that some lubricants can break down the condom). Otherwise, the best treatment for vaginal dryness and non-elasticity seems to be intercourse.

Both male and females have the hormone testosterone regulating their sex drive. As you age, your body goes through changes, which will make it difficult to participate in sex the way you once did. One of these changes is the decreasing of testosterone, which diminishes sex drive, in effect. The fact you cannot participate the way you once did is nothing to be concerned with; in fact, it opens opportunities to try new positions and techniques.

Along with the techniques, you must have the right attitude, because if you think that because you are older, sex will not be as good, it probably won't be. So keep an open mind, stay positive, and try some new things and you will continue to have a satisfying sex life,


Why Stockings Have So Much Sex Appeal

Few men can deny the sex appeal of a woman wearing a seamed stocking. It doesn't matter if the dress or skirt is short or mid length since the seam will cause an equal amount of furor in the men who gaze at them no matter what the length of the garment being worn.

When seamed stockings were first produced, it was not done with sex appeal in mind. Consider the fact that back when they were invented, women wore floor length dresses, so the stockings were not in evidence to those men who looked at and admired the ladies strolling by. Although these stockings were designed for utilitarian purposes, it could very well be the inability to see these stockings that raised their sexual appeal. Back then, if a man caught even a glimpse of a stocking encased ankle or calf, it was almost akin to today's men seeing the centerfold in a girlie magazine.

Despite today's skimpy clothing that leave little to the imagination, a woman who maintains mystery often has a greater appeal to men than those who walk around practically nude. Exotic dancers don't usually come on stage without their clothes, but slowly remove each piece as the men watch in anticipation. A woman who wears a veil over her face that covers everything except her eyes will garner as much attention from men as a beautiful woman whose face is exposed and maybe even more so it's the mystery of wondering what's behind that veil that gets so much thought and causes the imagination of men to soar.

The same may be also said of seamed stockings. Regular stockings or pantyhose are plain and don't call much attention. The seam on a stocking literally demands that a man notices a woman's legs. Watching the seam disappear under a skirt or dress further causes a man's imagination to start running, wondering about the promise that the disappearing seam holds.

It's because of the high sex appeal that seamed stocking hold that they have continued to be a popular lingerie item of women who want to promote their femininity and sexual appeal. They come in all types of colors and textures, with fishnet stocking holding the award for all around sexiness.

There are also practical reasons to don stockings. Unlike pantyhose that can actually cause health problems due to the lack of air circulating in the crotch area, because stockings are worn separately and held in place with a garter belt, air can circulate in that area and provide a healthier environment. Another great reason to choose stockings over pantyhose is because if you get a run in one leg of the pantyhose, the entire garment is ruined. If you have a good supply of stocking in the same color, if you get a run in one leg you can merely throw that one out and replace it with another of the same style.


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